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Fire Extinguisher Bracket – A Simple, Yet Effective Way of storing your Fire Extinguisher


What is a fire extinguisher box and bracket

Fire extinguisher boxes and brackets  are used to store fire extinguishers in a safe and convenient place.

Fire extinguisher boxes and brackets  provide a secure place to store fire extinguishers, and offer a convenient method to transport them. Fire extinguisher boxes and brackets are a great way to store and transport fire extinguishers, keeping them safe, secure and protected from the elements and corrosion.

These boxes and brackets are generally used by offices, residences, workshops, factories, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses, garages, laboratories etc. for storing fire extinguishers.

Why should you use fire extinguisher boxes and brackets?

The brackets are attached  in a way that allows you too easily reach the fire extinguisher without having to bend over or risk injury.

Extinguishers should be readily available. Fire extinguishers should be permanently mounted on boxes and brackets, floor stands or in cabinets to make them more easily accessible and not bump off the wall

importance of fire extinguisher bracket or box

Instructions for Mounting a Fire Extinguisher on a wall

  1. Inspect your home, office or vehicle so as to find the most suitable location for installing a fire extinguisher. Once you have ascertained its placement, try to have it installed in close proximity of an exterior door. If the initial location has already been taken up by any equipment, then you might have to let go of that particular spot and relocate the fire extinguisher elsewhere.
  2. You want to keep these fire extinguishers mounted above the floor on the wall so that they’re not too cumbersome to deal with, but also not so low that you risk someone tripping over them when in a hurry.
  3. Fire extinguishers that weigh less than 18kg should be mounted so the handle on top is no more than 1.5 meters above the floor. Fire extinguishers weighing more than 18kg should be mounted so the handle is no more than 1 meter above the floor.
  4. Mount the fire extinguisher box and bracket to the wall. Safeload manufacturers durable plastic fire extinguisher wall  boxes and brackets that are simple to install.

What are the different types of fire extinguisher boxes and brackets?

There are many different types of boxes and brackets for fire extinguishers. Some are used to mount the extinguisher on a wall, while others are used to mount on a vehicle.

The boxes and brackets must be strong enough to support the weight of the fire extinguisher.  .Safeload offers three types ; wall box with a clear lid, wall box with a diamond lid and an open cradle.

  1. The first type has durable hinge clips, pad lock tab, IP 55 weather resistant, clear lid for inspection. It can be hard mounted to any vehicle and/or wall. It has secure strapping for fire extinguisher and has a waterproof seal. This one is mostly for buildings.
  2. The second type is the wall box with a diamond lid and has the same features as the first type. This is used in vehicles.
  3. The wall mount extinguisher cradle has quick access and securing straps. It can be mounted to and office or factory wall. It can be hard-mounted to any vehicle including trucks, 4×4’s and bakkies.


The fire extinguisher box has similar mounting and look as the medical boxes and come in various colours. The fire extinguisher box is  is a great way to store and display your fire extinguisher. It can be mounted on a wall or vehicle and it also makes it easy to move the fire extinguisher to a new location if needed. You need a fire extinguisher box that is very sturdy and can hold your extinguisher.

You can purchase a fire extinguisher box and bracket from our website at http://staging.safeload.biz/product-category/fire-and-safety/fire-extinguisher-boxes/. We also have a variety of other safety products for your business or home.

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