F16 Hornet Reusable Dust Mask

F16 Hornet Reusable Dust Mask

Protect yourself from dust and germs while at work.

Now you can do your job with more confidence knowing you are protected from dust and germs.

Why choose the F16 Hornet Reusable Mask:

Purchase the F16 Hornet for you and your employees with ultimate protection against dust and germs. The F16 comes with 10 x 3 ply filters, each filter can be washed up to 5 times. Our filters are in accordance with WHO recommendations.

Made with soft materials for an extremely comfortable experience. The mask fits snug which seals closely to the face and filters out a high percentage of particle microns.

Providing excellent speech quality.

F16 hornet is extremely popular for:



Maintenance work

Anyone who is at risk on the job and susceptible to dust and harmful germs.

What you get:

Grey/Clear F16 Mask

Microwaveable sterilisation container

Available in medium and large


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100% Reusable

Fits snug which seals closely to the face and filters out a high percentage of particle microns.

No “misting of glasses”

Replaceable Filter

Ergonomically Designed

Soft Comfortable Material

Package Contents include: Mask, straps, 10 x filters, sterilisation container and instruction booklet.

Comes with a mask and sterilisation container

Polypropylene container

Steam sterilisation of mask

Suitable for microwaving

Everything you need in a mask to be safe, comfortable and heard. Order yours today and we will ship to your office or business.

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 25 × 13 × 12 cm

Medium, Large

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